18 May, 2014


1.Need Recognition:

The process of buying a service begins with the recognition that a need or want exists.Although there are many different ways to characterize needs,the most widely known is Maslow's hierarchy,which specifies five need categories arranged in a sequence from basic lower level needs to higher level needs.

Physiological Needs-

The recognition of these basic needs is fairly straightforward.Recall the last time you were on vacation,perhaps sightseeing in a new place.At some point around lunchtime,you recognized that you were thirsty and hungry and needed to stop and have lunch.

Safety and Security Needs-

Consumers seek to provide for their own and their loved ones shelter,safety and  security through many types of services.Parents are particularly focused on services that provide for their children's security and later in life these same people are often faced with needing services that will provide for their own aging parents.

Social Needs-

Social needs are critical to all cultures but are particularly important in the east.In countries like Japan and China,consumers place a great deal of value on social and belonging needs.They spend more time their families and work colleagues than do westerners and therefore consumer more services that can be shared.

Ego Needs-

Individuals also seek to look good to others and to feel good about themselves because of what they have accomplished.Needs to improve oneself and achieve success are responsible for the growth of education,training and other services that increase the skills and prestige of consumers.


Consumers desire to live up to their full potential and enjoy themselves.Some consumers purchase experiences such as skydiving,jungle safaris and bungee jumping for the pure thrill of the experience.

Information Search:

Once they recognize a need,consumers obtain information about goods and services that might satisfy this need.Seeking information may be an extensive,formalized process if the service or good is important to the consumer or it represents a major investment.

Personal and Non-personal Sources:

When purchasing goods,consumers make use of both personal and non-personal sources because both effectively convey information about search qualities.However,when purchasing services,consumers seek and rely to a greater extent on personal sources for several reasons.

Evaluation of Service Alternatives:

One reason involves differences in retailing between goods and services.To purchase goods,consumers generally shop in retail stores that display competing products in close proximity,clearly demonstrating the possible alternatives.

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