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23 June, 2014

I think joining all ten of these would be overkill, but billions of dollars in transactions are being made every year through these other networks, and many have fantastic offers that are not available at Click Bank; I have several affiliate millionaire friends who earn the majority of their income outside of Click Bank, and you may find some of these networks very useful to join.

 Clickbank Marketplace here they are:


2.Market Health         



5.Commission Junction



8.Epic Direct                        

10.Unique Leads      

22 June, 2014

Link Collider6 great reasons to become an affiliate
Start up costs aresuper low. To start a regular business where you rent retail space and stock inventory could easily set you back tens of thousands of dollars. As an affiliate, you can get started for the cost of a burger and fries.
You don’t needstaff. No more office politics, and no messy payroll handling. When you get started as an affiliate you can do it all yourself, and when the time comes to grow your business it’s easy to outsource.
You don’t even needa product you simply have to promote products which are already for sale. Whether it’s an eBook about dog training your or a weight loss supplement – there is a product out there that you can sell as an affiliate.
You don’t need anyexpert knowledge on a subject to sell affiliate products either. If you want to be an affiliate for weight loss products, then you don’t need a PhD in nutrition or exercise. All you need is an eager-to-learn mindset and the ability to market the right affiliate products to the right people. 
Earn passive income. It’s a bit like the money you earn if you buy a house and then rent it out – for as long as you own that house and are renting it out, you earn money. In a normal job you only get paid once for the work that you do, but as an affiliate you can keep making money from the same work day in, day out. 
The opportunity towork your own hours. I’m not saying that you’ll be sitting on a beach drinking Pina Coladas and only working an hour a day after your first month as an affiliate. However, you do have the power to work when it suits you and have a more flexible life. You become your own boss – how cool is that? 

26 May, 2014
Making Free traffic is so hard at this time.
But today I will show you how I can generate a whole targeted traffic for free using a new tips and steps.

firstly to get unlimited traffic everyday you should learn how to make a system that can attract people everyday and for ever.

For this I recommend you to see how to use viral can sink your website into a thousands of targeted traffic everyday that mean hundreds dollars and less time

By transforming your website link to a viral link you can transform you current traffic to a TORNADO TRAFFIC as I Like to say.

But How ?
ViralParse.Com is the perfect solution
ViralParse.Com is the most popular and unique website provide Share-To-Visit System [STV] yes it's new
How that work ?
Simply you can say you lock your contents with social networks that mean people cant get access to your contents after they share your
link (Viral Link You Got From ViralParse) With their friends and their friends in Social Networks must do so.

Simple Example :
I have this website : and I need to get traffic for it
I will Go to and I will create my viral link like this : (Redirect to
this is my viral link I will share it with my friends in social networks and anywhere in the web
when someone click on it they will see a Page where they should Share your viral link with their friends
too to get access to
and when their friend see it they should do the same
How I can be sure that his friends will click on the link ?
Here you must use an attractive title for the viral link to attract more visitors.

How to create your viral link:

this is a Simple review I wish you will like it
Just start from Here : Ahmed
or contact Support for more informations from here :
Also you can download ViralParse.Com Plugin for wordpress from Here :

Good Luck ;)

24 May, 2014

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19 May, 2014

Below are some first ways to get well SEO results:
1. A tiny keyword research Keyword research can be as modest as a team brainstorm, or as composite as using custom, proprietary toolsFor example, if you sell equipment, think about keywords like buying labeling equipment If you want to go beyond a brainstorm, but don’t want to break the bank, Google Adwords and KeywordSpy are great resources.  
2. Change up your labels Make sure that all page on your site has a altered title that cabinets the pertinent keywords for that page.  This sounds simple, but it’s often forgotten.
3. Youhave the right metadata The titles said above are one kind of metadata, but meta-descriptions and keywords are too significant. Many web creators will not include meta-descriptions and keywords in their code.
4. Link building Search engines determine their rankings moderately by relevance of content, and partly by how many other sites link to your site.  Whether links are on a site like Informous, on social media properties, or in a comment on a blog, links back to your website will help your search engine rankings.

5. Grade your website Use the fantastic free tools available to help you analyze your gives some great SEO advice, as does HubSpot’s Website Grader. These tools analyze almost every aspect of SEO on your website.

14 April, 2014

Ad Network:
A company that sells advertising to many individual clients.It is designed to let advertisers reach broad audiences relatively easily by buying online ads that are shown across a variety of website.Ad networks use ad server software to generate traffic reports for advertisers and publishers and to collect data about users.

Banner Ad:
A banner ad is a form of online advertising.It entails embedding an advertisement onto a webpage.Banner ads come in different shapes and sizes,but all are meant to increase brand awareness or drive traffic to a specific website.

A personal website or webpage on which an individual records opinions,links to other sites etc on a regular basis.

Bounce Rate:

Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

The set of expectations,memories,stories and relationships that,taken together account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another.

Business To Business(B2B):
The exchange of products,services or information between businesses.

Business To Consumer(B2C):

A transaction that occurs between a company and a consumer ,as opposed to a transaction between companies.


In advertising a campaign refers to a series of advertisements displayed over a set period of time to achieve specific goals.

Cost Per Mille(CPM):

(Cost / Impressions) x1000.CPM is useful in comparing the relative efficiency of different advertising opportunities and in evaluating the costs of overall campaigns.


When a website visitor " converts " into a user/customer.They could do this by signing up for a newsletter or making an online purchase.

Cost Per Acquisition(CPA):

The total amount spent on advertising divided by the number of people who click the ad and then make a conversion on your website.CPA lets you know exactly how much it costs to gain one new customer with your ad campaign.

Cost Per Click(CPC):

An internet advertising model in which advertisers pay only when their ad is clicked.

Direct Response:

A type of marketing designed to generate an immediate response 


Book Published in digital form.


A website or ad's ability to hold a visitor's attention or induce the visitor to participate.


A word or phrase prefixed with "#" .Short messages on microblogging or social networking services such as Twitter or Instagram may be tagged by putting "#" before key words.


An impression is counted each time a person views a website that is displaying your ad.A new impression is counted every time the page is reloaded with the ad.


An individual or company's importance measured online

Marketing Automation:

Software platforms designed for marketing departments and organizations to automate repetitive tasks.This refers to a broad range of automation and analytic tools for marketing.


Words relevant to your product or service that can help your ad show up on relevant websites.

Landing Page:

Webpage that an online links to.


The posting of very short entries or updates on a blog or social networking site.

Paid Marketing:

Using money to reach a wider audience than normal.This can be done with Google,Local ad networks like G&R,or through direct buys on sites like facebook.

Return on Investment(ROI):

A measure of the profit derived from advertising divided by the total advertising cost.

Searc Engine Optimization(SEO):

The process of improving a website's natural ranking in search results.The higher your website's SEO,the more often it will show up when people search for something related.

Social Media:

Websites and applications used for networking online 


Traffic refers to the number of people who visit a site in a given time period.

User Generated Content(UGC):

Words and photos that unpaid contributors create and provide to publications,particularly websites.


An image,video,advertisement etc that is circulated rapidly on the internet.


A program that performs some simple function,such as providing a weather report or some stock quote.Could also be an element of a website,such as a text box or button,that displays information or settings that can be entered or altered by the user.


A website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users.


An informational document issued by a company to promote or highlight the features of a solution,product or service.

12 April, 2014
Media consumption in Bangladesh is rapidly going online. Recent advancements such as lower internet taxes, cheap local smartphones, and widespread mobile internet presence have led to an explosion in the proportion of the Bangladeshi population that are connected to the web.

There are already an estimated 8 million people with broadband internet access in Bangladesh and another 29 million with mobile internet. Both Bangladeshi and international websites are seeing major growth in visitors from Bangladesh to the order of millions of unique visitors every month. The internet is already very popular in Bangladesh and the future potential is even more exciting.

The accelerating user activity online presents a unique opportunity for advertisers seeking to reach their audience in an innovated, effective, cost-efficient way. Businesses that do not devote at least a small portion of their advertising budget to online advertising will quickly fall behind their competitors

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