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26 June, 2015

The research uses the critical incident technique to get customers and employees to provide verbatim stories about satisfying and dissatisfying service encounters they have experienced.Each of the themes is discussed here and sample stories of both satisfying and dissatisfying incidents for each theme are given in-

1.Recovery-Employee response to service delivery system failures:

The first theme includes all incidents in which there has been a failure of the service delivery system and an employee is required to respond in some way to consumer complaints and disappointments.The failure may be,for example,a hotel room that is not available,an airplane flight that is delayed six hours,an incorrect item sent from a mail order company,or a critical error on an internal document.The content or form of the employee,s response is what causes the customer to remember the event either favorably or unfavorably.

2.Abaptability-Employee response to customer needs and requests:

A second theme underlying satisfaction in service encounters is how adaptable the service delivery system is when the customer has special needs or requests that place demands on the process.In these cases,customers judge service encounter quality in terms of the flexibility of the employees and the system.

3.spontaneity-Unprompted and unsolicited employee actions:

Even when there is no system failure and no special request or need,customers can still remember service encounter as being very satisfying or very dissatisfying.Employee spontaneity in delivering memorably good or poor service is the third theme.Satisfying incidents in this group represent very pleasant surprises for the customer.

4.Coping-Employee response to problem customers:

The incidents categorized in this group came to light when employees were asked to describe service encounter incidents in which customers were either very satisfied or dissatisfied.In addition to describing incidents of the types outlined under the first three themes,employees described many incidents in which customers were the cause of their own dissatisfaction.

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29 May, 2015
We have just finished a discussion of customer perceptions,specifically customer satisfaction and service quality.As discussed in our strategy insight,companies today recognize that they can compere more effectively by distinguishing themselves with respect to service quality,satisfaction and loyalty.Next we turn to what have been termend the building blocks for customer pereptions service encounters or moments of truth.Service encounters are where promises are kept or broken and where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

From the customer's point of view,the most vivid impression of service occurs in the service encounter or moment of truth,where the customer interacts with the service firm.
For example: among the service encounters that a hotel customer experiences are checking into the hotel,being taken to a room by a bellperson,eating a restaurant meal,requesting a wake up call,and checking out.You could think of the linking of these moments of trush as a service encounter cascade.It is in these encounters that customers receive a snapshot of the organization service quality and each encounter contributes to the customer's overall satisfaction and willingness to do business with the organization again.From the organization's point of view,each encounter thus presents an opportunity to prve its potential as a quality service provider and to increase customer loyalty.

Some services have few service encounters and others have many.The Disney Corporation estimates that each of its amusement park customers experiences about74 service encounters and that a negative experience in any one of them can lead to a negative overall evaluation.
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