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27 December, 2014

                   "Customer is the King"

Everyone knows what satisfaction is,until asked to give a definition.Then,it seems,nobody knows.This quote from Richard Oliver,respected expert and long time writer and researcher on the topic of customer satisfaction,expresses the challenge of defining this basic of customer concepts.
In less technical terms,we interpret this definition to mean that satisfaction is the customer's evaluation of a product or service in terms of whether that product or service has met the customer's needs and expectations.Failure to meet needs and expectations is assumed to result in dissatisfaction with the product or service.
Although consumer satisfaction tends to be measured at a particular point in time as if it were static,satisfaction is a dynamic,moving target that may evolve over time,influenced by a variety of factors.

Expectation > Reality = Dissatisfaction
Expectation = Reality = Satisfaction
Expectation < Reality = Delight

"Satisfaction is the customer's fulfillment response.It is a judgement that a product or service features,or the products or service it self,provides a pleasurable level of consumption related fulfillment."    
                                                                                 >> Oliver

"Customer satisfaction is a person feeling of pleasure or his appointment one of resulting from comparing a product perceived or performance in relation to his or her expectations."
                                                                                  >> Kotler

"Customer satisfaction is the feeling that a product has net or exceeded the customers expectations."

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