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21 April, 2014

A portion of a market that you've identified as having some special characteristic and that's worth marketing to.

Concentrating all  efforts on a small but specific and well defined  of the . Niches do not 'exist' but are 'created' by identifying , and  that are being addressed poorly or not at all by other firms, and  and delivering or  to satisfy them. As a, niche marketing is aimed at being a big fish in a small pond instead of being a small fish in a big pond.

Creating a good niche involves following this seven-step process:
1. Make a wish list. With whom do you want to do business? Be as specific as you can: Identify the geographical range and the types of businesses or customers you want your business to target. If you don't know whom you want to do business with, you can't make contact.
These days, the trend is toward smaller niches (Targeting teenagers isn't specific enough; targeting male, African-American teenagers with family incomes of $40,000 and up is. Aiming at companies that sell software is too broad; aiming at Northern California-based companies that provide internet software sales and training and have sales of $15 million or more is a better goal.
2. Focus. Clarify what you want to sell, remembering this: a) You can't be all things to all people and b) "smaller is bigger." Your niche is not the same as the field in which you work. For example, a retail clothing business is not a niche but a field. A more specific niche may be "maternity clothes for executive women."
To begin this focusing process, use these techniques to help you:
  • Make a list of things you do best and the skills implicit in each of them.
  • List your achievements.
  • Identify the most important lessons you have learned in life.
  • Look for patterns that reveal your style or approach to resolving problems.
Your niche should arise naturally from your interests and experience. For example, if you spent 10 years working in a consulting firm, but also spent 10 years working for a small, family-owned business, you may decide to start a consulting business that specializes in small, family-owned companies.
3. Describe the customer's worldview. When you look at the world from your prospective customers' perspective, you can identify their needs or wants. The best way to do this is to talk to prospective customers and identify their main concerns.
4. Synthesize. At this stage, your niche should begin to take shape as your ideas and the client's needs and wants coalesce to create something new. A good niche has five qualities:
  1. It takes you where you want to go--in other words, it conforms to your long-term vision.
  2. Somebody else wants it--namely, customers.
  3. It's carefully planned.
  4. It's one-of-a-kind, the "only game in town."
  5. It evolves, allowing you to develop different profit centers and still retain the core business, thus ensuring long-term success.
5. Evaluate. Now it's time to evaluate your proposed product or service against the five criteria in Step 4. Perhaps you'll find that the niche you had in mind requires more business travel than you're ready for. That means it doesn't fulfill one of the above criteria--it won't take you where you want to go. So scrap it, and move on to the next idea.
6. Test. Once you have a match between niche and product, test-market it. This can be done by offering samples, such as a free mini-seminar or a sample copy of your newsletter.
7. Go for it! It's time to implement your idea. For many entrepreneurs, this is the most difficult stage. But fear not: If you did your homework, entering the market will be a calculated risk, not just a gamble.
Once your niche is established and well received by your market, you may be tempted to rest on your laurels. Not a good idea. Ask yourself the following questions when you think you have found your niche--and ask them again every six months or so to make sure your niche is still on target:
  • Who are your target clients?
  • Who aren't your target clients?
  • Do you refuse certain kinds of business if it falls outside your niche?
  • What do clients think you stand for?
  • Is your niche in a constant state of evolution?
  • Does your niche offer what prospective customers want?
  • Do you have a plan and delivery system that effectively conveys the need for your niche to the right market?
  • Can you confidently predict the life cycle of your niche?
  • How can your niche be expanded into a variety of products or services that act as profit centers?
  • Do you have a sense of passion and focused energy with respect to your niche?
  • Does your niche feel comfortable and natural?
  • How will pursuing your niche contribute to achieving the goals you have set for your business?

19 November, 2013

Arif Ahemd
Market Development Officer

1.Having very idea about area and responsibility.
2.Setting specific objective and goal for next one month(minimum),if possible,it will better preparing schedule and objective for next 3/6 month or one year.
3.Following very discipline in working and schedule.
4.Making monthly program,weekly program and must planning program for next day.
5.In a particular day,making a systematic plan program of activities in details for the day.What activities will be done and which area will be accomplished and others.
6.Taking all information of customer,dealer and retailer.
What type of customer information needed is given below:
  • Dealer or retailer information
  • Amount of purchase
  • Transaction procedure
  • Commitment of customer
  • Previous record
  • Present condition
  • Personal behavior
  • Relationship with our company
  • What will be the best system with him
7.Sales person must be determined in mind that why he is going to any area and what he needs to do there.Whatever is the situation,he must have to complete his targeted activities and fulfill objective for the day.
8.In the time of conversation with customer,first of all,giving greeting or salam with smiling face or other impressive expression.Asking about his health condition or how is going everything.Don't just be so commercial at first conversation.
9.Before starting further conversation,very carefully realizing the situation and circumstances and other factors.
10.Highest priority has to be given on creating profitable customer relationship and maintaining long term profitable customer relationship.
11.Giving more emphasize on listening than talking.Human being naturally likes talking very much with good listeners.
12.Sales person must have certain qualities such as:
  • Patience
  • Listening
  • Caring
  • Responsive
  • Smiling approach
  • Confident always
  • Accuracy
  • Honesty in commitment
  • Motivation
  • Problem solving best approach
  • Appearance with dress code.
13.Always remember that customer gets supreme priority.What he is saying is not a big matter but sales person will always be attentive and caring about his talking.Seller should maintain the approach that he is very interested.
14.Then according to the situation,asking him different question and information gradually.The information includes this type:
  • What is the situation of selling?
  • What his clients say and their opinion?
  • Is there any complaints?
  • Asking about problems?
  • Asking him that what can be done?What's his suggestion or recommendation?
  • If there is anything to solve,giving best effort to solve the problems.
  • Taking as much as possible information about competitors,packages,services,products new patterns and other necessary information.
  • Then taking the best approach to accomplish the targeted activities and objective of the sales person.
  • Identifying what kind of promotional tools is effective for him and what he needs?
  • Asking him that is there any necessity of brand promoter's activities and others?
15.Following all the approach in unique,smart,creative,effective way and manner so that sales person can position to customers mind.
16.Important fact is that customer has to be satisfied and makes a difference from competitor.
17.Pointing out all the information and finding in a written format and documentation.
18.Then good finishing,giving best wishes,hope to meet again and ensuring him to give support.
19.Keeping all the information,document and record in a systematic and organized way so that anyone can understand the scenario and information and come to a decision.
20.Marketing and sales person can record his statement,opinion,judgments,experience, suggestion and recommendation.


17 November, 2012 pRiTHiBi   .This link is a one  photographer  history.He is an good photogapher in Bangladesh.He attened the many photography exibition and won the everything work.The group of International Photography.
see inreview:

10 November, 2012

All In One টুলবার

নামে নয় কাজে যার পরিচয়। আপনি কেন পিছিয়ে থাকবেন? All In One টুলবার ব্যবহার করে চলে আসুন সামনের সারিতে ।

আজকে আপনাদের কাছে উপস্থাপন করছি এক অসাধারন একটা কাজের টুলবার। টুলবারে অনলাইনে অনেক প্রয়োজনীয় জিনিস পাবেন। আমারমতে,  টুলবারটি সবারই কাজে লাগতে পারে।
টুলবারটি কারো একটুও যদি কাজে লাগে এতে আমি সার্থক ।

 এই টুলবারটি যে ব্রাউজারে সাপোর্ট করবেঃ

Available versions :
ইন্টারনেট এক্সপ্লোরার
গুগল ক্রোম
মজিলা ফায়ারফক্স

টুলবারটি যেই সব অপারেটিং সিস্টেমে কাজ করবেঃ

System Requirements : Windows, Mac, Linux
প্রথমে  All In One Toolbar  টা এখান থেকে বা ডাউনলোড করে নিন।
ডাউনলোড করার জন্য Free Download  এ ক্লিক করুন। (নিচের ছবি দেখুন)
এরপর যা যা করা লাগবে তা তো আপনারা ভালই জানেন । আমি আর বিস্তারিত কিছু লিকলাম না :D
[ ইন্সটল করার জন্য যদি হেল্প লাগে অবশ্যই আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করবেন। ]

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