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28 April, 2015
Customer satisfaction is influenced by specific product or service features,perception of product and service quality,and price.In additional,personal factors such as the customer's mood or emotional state and situation factors such as family member opinions will also influence satisfaction.

Product and service features:

Customer Satisfaction with a product or service is influenced significantly by the customer's evaluation of product or service features.For a service such as a resort hotel,important features might include the pool area,access to golf facilities,restaurants, room comfort and privacy,helpfulness and courtesy of staff,room price,and so forth.

Consumer Emotions:

Customers emotions can also affect their perceptions of satisfaction with products and services.These emotions can be stable,preexisting emotions for example,mood state or life satisfaction.Think of times when you are at a very happy stage in your life and your good,happy mood and positive frame of mind have influenced how you feel about the services you experience.

Attributions for service success or failure:

Attributions the perceived causes of events influence perceptions of satisfaction as well.When they have been surprised by an outcome consumers tend to look for the reasons,and their assessments of the reasons can influence their satisfaction.

Perceptions of equity or fairness:

Customer satisfaction is also influenced by perceptions of equity and fairness.Customers ask themselves,have i been treated fairly compared with other customers.Did other customers get better treatment,better prices,or better quality service.Did i pay a fair price for the service.Was i treated well in exchange for what i paid and the effort i expended.

Other consumers,family members and coworkers:

In addition to product and service features and one's own individual feelings and beliefs,consumer satisfaction is often influenced by other people.For example,satisfaction with a family vacation trip is a dynamic phenomenon,influenced by the reactions and emotions of individual family members over the duration of the vacation. 

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